About Us


Our fashion-focused watch ranges are constantly expanding as we continue to innovate bold new designs and deliver them in dynamic new colour combinations. Yet an equally important part of our brand heritage is ensuring some things always stay the same. Our commitment to producing durable, precision products at the highest possible specification for every price point is one of our crucial founding principles, guaranteeing our success and ensuring we remain at the leading edge of the global fashion market in terms of quality as well as style.

It's hard to believe it now, but the birth of the Wave London phenomenon took place in a small room on a cold grey night in the middle of the english winter, where a group of like-minded individuals first met to share their plans for changing the face of the global watch market. Their vision was to introduce a brand built on a simple yet powerful idea; creating high-quality yet affordable watches in styles that moved with the times while retaining timeless appeal, incorporating both classic features and innovative designs - and were all produced in a dazzling spectrum of colours. They then took their vision even further and used it to produce a wide range of other products.

These are the facets that create the unique Wave London brand, a brand that understands the universal appeal of expression and choice, and is now being adopted enthusiastically all around the world, and no more so than in India, a country with a colourful, vibrant fashion culture all of its own. Here the Wave London style has been recognised and embraced at the outset, allowing us to forge lasting bonds that have allowed us to bring the very best our brand has to offer to a country that's truly on our wavelength.

  • Angus Walker

    Our man at the helm, Angus was born in Hong Kong and spent 20 years of his life gaining an in-depth understanding of Asian cultures and economics. This insight continues to drive the Wave team, through a focus on the importance of innovation and relationship building, combined with quality and service, especially when presenting new products to market. Angus' ability and willingness to overcome any obstacle on his client's behalf has been one of the major forces behind Wave's continued success, and has provided clients with some of our most innovative solutions.

  • Robin Gale

    Wave Group C.E.O with 45 years industry experience including setting up J.V. Manufacturing partnerships in countries as diverse as China, Thailand and Belarus. A focus on the fundamentals of quality and service plus in house team building provides Wave with a backbone and recipe for success.

  • Nick Kendall

    Nick has over 28 years experience in the information technology industry, with the last 17 years working in Investment banking in The City of London. Nick is now a pivitol figure within Wave's infrastructure team, overseeing new projects & e-commerce implementation globally, while helping us realise sales through expanding digital markets. Nick's technical expertise, relationship building and communication skills are essential to Wave's expanding international success.

  • Vikas Bafna

    Wave London are delighted to welcome on board Vikas Bafna, an entrepreneur who has long since established his credentials as one of the giants of Indian fashion retail. With a background encompassing both information technology and interior design, Vikas has sealed his reputation within India's retail market by single handedly expanding the vast jewellery and fashion accessories brand Tribal Zone, currently retailing through 300 stores nationwide since its inception in 2003. Wave London are already proud to be selling their unique ranges of fashion watches through Tribal Zone's flagship store in Mumbai, and are looking forward to capitalising on Vikas' vast wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise to expand sales of their colourful and beautifully designed watches and accessories throughout India.
  • Rahul Mahotra

    Rahul joined us in 2015 and has many years’ experience in the E-commerce industry. His talents lie in developing and maintaining commercially productive relationships. He is a proactive and enthusiastic individual in both Business development and Sales.

  • Kyung Park

    London based Creative Director, Kyung Park has joined the exciting Wave London UK project. Kyung’s fourteen years of experience in the graphic design industry covers a diverse range of projects, including branding, product & retail design. Kyung has become an integral part of our team and her design expertise has helped to achieve the Wave London look on our new web-site and our branded merchandise. Kyung has worked with several major companies in Europe & Asia before joining Wave including Smiley, Renault, L’Oreal, Coca Cola, Hallmark and more.